Lil Kiddy Party The Seller Party

August 21, 2010
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Got a call from DJ C-Nil talking bout a little kids party out georgetown today. Six years old and nothing but awhole bunch of lil girls. They was cute but they mamas act like the way they where dancing was cute. If it was mine it would not been going down like that. The same songs in order back to back for at least an hour. Well anything bout bend it ova,shake that,drop that had play all night. Well not all night,it was only for three hours so. I love the kids but I just hate djing for them,and trying to play clean versions is not my cup of tea. So after that lil money was made we goes to C-Nil’s seller party to gohead and put in another eight hours of nonstop banging. When i say nonstop. Man ya’ll just dont understand and still tired from the night before. He had to go dj another kid party somewhere also so i was at his crib holding it down. Like i told his aunts and everybody. Aint no old school tonight baby im doing me so ill be comfortable. So bye peace get yo drinks and kick rocks and dont come back til i say so. They love me just like his ass also,and ask bout a brother when they dont see me for a while to. I know aunt pudding always ask bout me and C mama. Well shot that it we got done at four thirty i was home by five eighteen. And now carrying my ass to bed for sunday night at alps peace.

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