Labor Day Weekend Explosion

September 3, 2012
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I would like to say for all the entertainers, performers. These type of holiday weekends are where you show it all off. All this weekend has been great plus the people also. For all of my customers that inquired services from the summertime. I want to let everybody know that I really appreciate you believing in my skills. To make your event a night to remember.

Since we as artist mobile acts are bout to come to our down season for most. I really hope you put in work during the summertime. Cause it’s bout to be a cold winter. O yeah, I do apologize for any parties I didnt make, or just over booked myself and had to leave early or left you with one of my associates. If you never signed a contract for get a about it. I’m leavening on the next plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again. I need to go where what I do is relevant. Doing all the stuff I do in the crib. And don’t get to show it off on a flow that I feel is right for the moment. It’s like why I’m I doing this. Who can I call on for a problem I have. That’s it I been thinking about it for along time now I done it before. I just need to get away regardless anyway. Cause I haven’t accomplished where I want to be at being a performer / DJ. I’m not all of that I know I have my own style and can play wildly if left alone. In the right crowd of the loop.

One day hopefully.



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