Kim Family Reunion

August 20, 2010
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This jank right off of virginia beach blvd. right beside the broadway. In that little ass building man. We i got there i was mad as hell cause all we needed was the two tops and that was it. I had planned on rocking this jank with them two double 18 bass bottoms yo. It was no need to even bring them in at all. When i say it was old school in there tonight, it was old school in there tonight. I guess i was running so bad that her grandmama told me to play some new stuff. Wow! okay granny i got this i do this and still had they ass up there jumping.

By the end of the night them old folks was drunk and wore out at the same time yo. My fault i had to bring to them like that but hey it was a family reunion what i pose to have done. Tear the damn roof off like i done good thing we was in the firefighters building they didnt have to come out that far to but the flames out. m rocking this piece so bad people going to broadway listening to me play outside like damn this where the party at right here. I killed it! Well I’ll check ya’ll later cause saturday i gotta long nite and day nite and day.


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