Kav Kaz Flatbusch, NY

June 15, 2010

Kav Kaz

Man we left out of VA. round hmmm 4-5 in the morning. After the Deep Creek Else Lodge and the wedding reception I had to do. Myself ,Telly,

Lil Larry,
Lil Larry



and of course Ms. Pudding a.k.a. Boss Lady,a.k.a. Pinky a.k.a. Man Dag Come On Now.
Re Re

It took like i dont know who i’m lieing to. As was knocked out time the sun came out. But we did get up there round 12:45 in the afternoon i believe. The whole time we laughing and carrying on. Trust with all six of us in the. We needed built in cameras to catch everything like we was in a reality show for sure.
Brooklyn Bridge

Man its so many highlights in this trip I dont know where to begin like when Lie pulled his phone out,and started taking pics yo. We that he had a damn nokia 33mm shot lmao with the burst taking 50 shots at once. Boy I was week as hell. Hell kinda phone is that wanna see it here we go.
Lie pro Cam Samsung
That Lie Pro Phone Cam BITCHES lol lol. I’ll have them on sale for $59.95 just hit me up. I need to get the pics that everybody else got and make some type of something. We gets to the spot right,we in a apartment like man all we gotta do is walk down stairs and go to the club and DJ SSHHHIIITTT!!!!! Even though guess who had to leave first and go hook up everything duh! only took me 5min whoop de doo. Played one of them hour mini mix’s and left back up stairs to take a shower. Came back down with the heart attack on. Walking through like superstars ya know. So everything going as planned then somebody not gonna name no names Telly sappy self OOO My Goish here we go
tell out
And look at Lil Larry sappy tail to man we where having a ball. Like them people thought we where from new york for real. O O OO O O OO! Thats going down in the history books. My crazy tail they told me i was djing just for the balloons in the room, i was gone too. Pack it up! After all this free i mean FREE!!!! drink action for real food also. I still dont understand how we still woke up early. I was bout to smack the mess out of cuz. When this fool goes to sleep he dont go to bed or go lay down. This nigga just die’s lmao lmao check the smile check the smile
Uh crazy, yeah got them subway shots also ya know going to time square.
Subway shot
And here go Sappy and Sappier
sub way shoot2
We got out that piece and everything just changed. The coast of everything,the way the people looked and everything. Couldnt find 106 and Park. But we where close i could feel it.
time square
So we got here went to Ruby Tuesday first it was apple Bees but for what ever reason we dipped out. Same prices like everything else. All Iknow is that crab burger set me off all day and night. I was full til we got home that night yo. Anyway back through the subway to get to the load on Canal st. We parked in a parking lot right dude park the cars. It was some exotic janks up in that piece yo I mean man naw. Fosho Fosho, i mean like everybody lay on the ground type janks i taking this. Keys in the car windows down. Wow well you wanna see here we go. This is just like what its all about right here. I think big anyway but damn!
Rolls Royce
This is just funky right here how in the ham sandwich they manage to put these banners or whats the word i’m looking for,its hot though.
time square action

We going back soon for real though it might be in the winter time to get that wet cold froze money. And just melting the building down where ever we be at to set the glow off through the entire city. I really think that we couldnt DJ for real, not thinking that no mo let me tell ya. Ya’ll know how my brother and i get downs in VA. But I also change my style up if needed or had to. And when it sounded off it was like yeah okay. I’m down the ocean front by the crib man. Take a lil if this,take a lil of that. Go back to this and hold on wait on it wait on it. BAM!!!! God bless you thanks for coming out goodnight. Big shouts to Rico and who every dude was who let us stay in his apartment.
south side
roof top
time square2
What more can i say! What more can i doooo!!! Take dat take dat take dat.


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