Karen Birthday Party

September 11, 2011

Look outside real quick can you see the smoke. Can you hear the fire department sirens rushing to the Chesapeake Conference Center. They say it just got got leveled by some light skin guy with dreads from Queen City. I enjoyed myself tonight boy let me tell ya. Two request all night and those songs where like yeah right ok what ever haul ass.

Im sayn go outside and see if you can smell the smoke for real. I was feeling good tonight. I guess because it was all my family up in the building. Q.C. we partied to night y’all I’m even tired for real. The a.c. was on and it was still burning up in that piece. I took they legs and feet tonight, It was wonderful. Ok til next time check me on Sound Cache Radio. And don’t forget to sign up in the forum. Ride with me let’s go.

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