In The Weekend

June 26, 2011

I personally didn’t have anything to do, and seen myself caught up at a graduation cookout. Yeah two weeks week later it was a good time to have one though. Here we go again right on Bouncetime Ent. Entire set again all day long.

I’m lieing he got 30min to a hour I think. I told him I really felt like djing for real this time. Even when I know I ain’t bring nothing but my Lil ol handsome self. So bye the time everyone left we still out there rocking. I don’t think I didn’t turn anything off til like Hmmmm 12 I wanna say. When we left there we went straight St. Mary’s church out there in Norfolk right beside tidewater park.

DJ C-NIL running the 1’s & 2’s like ain’t nothing wrong. Nice crowd up in there also. Everybody know everybody up in ghat jank. No drama cause we too old for that mess. It just pisses me off when you see people just sit down all night long. Hell you come out for if you won’t gone dance our atleast mingle. Might meet some that both of you can help each other out on what ever.

So on that note I’ll just call it a beautiful Saturday weekend. Shouts to my people’s in camellot who think I’m the nest they ever heard.!? ” Not even on my own SHI ” thank you very much. Next week will be on and popping all weekend.


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