Holiday Inn Express Party

November 20, 2011
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Scratch hot fingers, if you look outside you can see the smoke. If you peak your head out the window or the door. You can smell the smoke.
Birthday party old school of the chain. I had a lot to do with it tonight. I went in head first with no organizing crates or nothing. I didn’t even run scratchlive at all, all week. I knew my old school crates where on eighty million anyway. Yo! I burt that jank up so bad people was coming in the door. That was staying at the hotel trying to get there grove on.

I killed it now it’s like damn I should’ve played this with that. Or man I forgot to play that. If you DJ you know what I’m talking about. I wanna see how I’m gonna do with this mix crowd. I really can’t wait for that day.

I’m back I’m really thinking about retiring from mobile djing. And work on my music for real. I done it all except win those gold turntables. Imma really be pushing my self next year if the lord willing.


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