February 14, 2010
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The club last night was off the rockers lastnight. Djing at hartz on valentine day. Wow I mean when I say I rocked the jank. It was steam in the building and foul smelling lil girls man. I was just filling in for my man Chill Will. All I can real say is “Do you think about me”. I don’t think he’s not gonna want to let me fill in for him anymore. That’s my man so he already know what it do. The sound was coming out beautiful. But the dance floor was packed all the way back to the front door. And these fools where tripping all over the wires. And I know I ran them janks so they wouldn’t get in nobodies way. When it was said and done thhe owner let me get a beer on the house. You talking bout a chilly chill running through the body. Felt good after all that heat and sweat. So happy valentines day to all you sorry mofos that’s in love and all that crap. You do it!

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