Hartz Cafe

March 7, 2010


O,my,gosh. Do you hear me. It was like that tonight yo. On some rated R softcore type ish. It has to be a fling for most of these girls man. They where bad as hell up in there tonight. Even the. Lightskin jank that was on real world was in there. Looking like Rhianna with her fishnets on. I mean tough I mean damn yo. O my gosh yo for real. I’m like totally lost for words right now. Cause shorty right there yo. It didn’t matter how many kids she had. She would. Had have another tonight. That’s how bad they was tonight man. I’m telling you make’m remember waqs good before lost in the woods. And then jesus its just to many to talk about. So with that note yep. Its a done deal. You already know!

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2 comments on "Hartz Cafe"

  • admin

    March 8, 2010 (01:28)

    It wasn’t any idea pimping. This is real life at the club straight party time and fine ass girls. Whats wrong with ya.

  • Illah Williams

    March 21, 2010 (17:30)

    how bout some pictures of those fine jumpoffs!!!!!

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