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December 24, 2011
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Kinda figured it was gonna be a good turn out tonight. Nobody has to work tomorrow for real I don’t think. I’m getting real use to using this dag on S4.
But I’m still not trying to lose my touch on the tables for real. When I do hit them turn tables I just feel more comfortable. That jank good for being convenient and all.

I’m still gonna sell it so what ever. Shout outs Janelle from and the other reps in the building. I got more pics coming to y’all live and direct.


I’m tired but can’t go to sleep I need to reformat my drive. Cause everything I put in there to do stay. You talking about somebody taking there time tonight. Man trying to be cool got three programs running at one time in the background. Bout to get back and start making up my routine for the battles next year. Imma chill from djing I guess. Every time I say that next thing I know party. I’m out peace. O yeah seven hours and didn’t play nothing twice, you do it!

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