Hampton Roads Hogs

October 7, 2012
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This the second time I dj’ed for them.

People and the atmosphere was great. I only had a full sound setup which was the silver package. Even though they didn’t pay for. But when clients call you every time they have a event. You have to through some extra in. So when you look out for them, they’ll look out for you when you need it.

They had folks from out of town all the way from Detroit. After I played plastic dreams I should ran some old Detroit house. Like follow me, or jackin. “yeah I gets busy”. Well I do try and give it my all. Knowing that these people are inquiring a service. But yet I play more better when left alone. Cause I really do know what I’m doing. Plus that’s just my type of crowd anyway. Hopefully if they call me back next year. And they purchase my gold package. The gold package would’ve went really well in that big building.

[dcs_player name=”Afro Dogs Interstate Bingo Hall” url=”https://breakfader.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Hogs-Clip-At-Bingo-Hall-Silver-Package.mov”]

Dude I was even talking on the mic a little tonight also. I can but that’s really not me. I let my music talk for me. Well I tell a story when I play. These corporate gigs bout to start rolling through in a minute. And the stories I play for them. That’s just something you have to hear for yourself. I’m tired, I’ll write to y’all next gig.

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