Graduations In The Rain

May 6, 2012
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We party in the rain, sleet, snow, hurricane, tornadoes, thunderstorms.
Early start today well for me anyway. Graduation party off Camolot Blvd out Chesapeake. It was looking ugly. Before I even setup anything, plus rumbling with a slight bit of thunder. It was off and on all day long. Good thing I had a tent if not I was going home or setup in the crib one. I rocked that jank all day today man. Twerk Twerk Twerk Twerk I didn’t even know half the stuff I was playing. What makes it so bad they knew it :/ damn. Now this was a Norfolk State grad party now so do I really have to talk about the women that was there. Could gracious fellas y’all missed it won’t nothing but college women. Let me change the subject on that one cause y’all really not feeling me right now. Ok so after the heat dissolved from all the sweaty soaking wet, yep y’all missed it cuz. Man man man. Ok so packed up hauled tailed to :/ Ms Marains and see bro. Made sure he was straight and took a nap on the bench. Woke up laid back down. It was wack tonight all them fight parties bucking off you already know. Plus with all the rain I wouldn’t even went no where either. I’m tired I’ll holla later peace.

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