Going Away Party

March 11, 2012
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Nice crowd tonight but odd. Seemed more like a family reunion or something. Majority of young folks, but a z104 play. And a lot of jay z and beyonce. My man CJ sister was going away cause she got a job out of town. So you know it was just family and friends. But still made money and who cares about anything else.

I will be adding something else to my arsenal come Monday. Like I said earlier beginning of the year. I’m working on my. Visuals and that’s what I’m doing. Starting next week it’s gonna be on also. Gotta make sure my decks are straight. But man that damn search wouldn’t let me find nothing.

I almost lost it when I went into that 2000 flavor. I could’ve played better then what I did tonight though. I’m human so I’m totally not perfect. But I do have a lot of good days though. And not lets talk about the time getting jacked up. Did any club shut down at 2 tonight. Or did they do a 3o’clock shot. And another thing, I thought birds flew south for the winter. It’s cold out this piece tonight. I’m just saying.

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