Gigs Are Done “Nope”

August 14, 2011
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My day started with a gig big cuz hooked me up with. Y’all know Jack from 103 Jamz. A pool party at a apartment complex for I dont even know. That was from 12-3 pm up early this morning getting the groom action on. Went to the crib thinking that it rained I wasn’t gonna have to do the other party with Bouncetime. Man I was knocked out on the bed, then he calls and say it’s still on. I’m mad now cause I wasn’t really wanting to DJ at this jank. Out deep creek for a sweet 16 and everybody just wanna stand around wanting to be cute. Sappy!

I rocked that jank after I got up but damn if I didnt get tired 30 min right before the end. It was hot up in that house. Looking at everybody go out and get some air. Boy I can’t wait til this over with. All said and done there’s some more satisfied customers. A Spade ummm they’re not gonna need you next year either. Ah ah ah ah ah ah. 😀

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