George Party

May 28, 2011
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Just like that just just like that the first night of along weekend to go. Everybody trying too see where it’s jumping. For real tonight musts let’s me know it’s a small world boy. I believe I knew everybody at this jank tonight. My cousin Brandon was even in this piece. When I talked to George he couldn’t put the name with the face. When he saw me it was like o yeah hell yeah. Start bring back memories from back from the old days. Rejectz you already know dude. Then one of my bra bras came through. He dapping up everybody also, it was just a really good fam night to start the weekend off for the mofos I don’t know. How they gone won’t it.

Even though they gone get it how Im gone too give it too them believe that. Truck loaded up only used one speaker that was it. Outside in a Hmmmm I don’t know what you want too call it. A loft Hehehehe Eh! Well Imma be up til the Barbra shop open up at 5am too get done up. Cause tomorrow I have to be on my best behavior. Man please that’s not gwan work. Peace hollar at me if y’all trying to get down.

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