Gaining Powers

November 13, 2011
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Birthday party at Ms Marians off military highway. Straight family action so it was like djing a summer cookout. The punch was on a thousand. That’s my new thing right now, checking out the macaroni and cheese and what type of punch you make up.

System sounded pretty good from where I was at. Buy in front of it, it was rocking. I heard somebody say dag my ears when I turned everything off at the end of night. All the people there were good in heart you can tell.

I did my thing like I always do. Plus I needed some get back from last night also. That’s it I’m done I’ll holla, look out for a new track some time this week. I made it round Wednesday I believe but have to finish it. I’ll be posting it every where in my social cypher. One love god bless peace…!!!!!

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