G.R.A.M.S. Killed It

June 2, 2012
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Filled in for my brother tonight while his ass out of town. I just knew it was gonna be packed tonight.
Next thing I know it started pouring rain hard. Wind blowing thunder and lighting. Here comes the lights cut off out the entire block. As far as the eyes could see. By twelve won’t nothing but girls all night. If it wouldn’t had rain. Boy it would’ve been jumping up in there tonight.

I just ran HNB tracks they didn’t even want to touch the mic. For what ever reason so, they songs was straight for real. But they just didn’t look like what they was rapping about. But my man G.R.A.M.S. turned the house out. For the little people that was there. We still had a good time.


Gotta another pic but I’m just leave that one to myself. And the amp rack is back on par. After I blew the crossover out. When was that like round Monday Tuesday. I didn’t even try to see if it worked or if I even hooked everything back up right. Being the brain that I am it was alright. I need too fix my tops now. The bass be rattling the crossover inside the box. It sound good in front of the speaker. But where I stand at behind them sound like trash. Well pose to do a cookout tomorrow so I’m bout to lay it down. Cause I don’t know when I pose to be there or nothing. If it rains for get about it.


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