Fathers Day Weekend

June 19, 2011
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First up too too bat was Ian’s graduation party. At Lakewood park out Norfolk. I was out there well I got there at 3 on the dot. Made the other DJ go home that was out there. I suppose too be party of the trotter family for real though. Seen my bae bae Ebony um um um, I gone get that again anyway nother story. Check the setup just a full sound.

Seemed more like a family reunion too me though. I seen pops bra and mama. And my tufruit, and peanut. I wish thing could be different really bad now. I got done out there like round 7-7:30. Then bounced and went straight too the fop. I got there early the jank ain’t start till 9.

I thought about taking the other bass scoope out but for real my tops could have handled the whole building. Now this was a family reunion. Didn’t know no one no one hu huuuuu. And I showed my ass off tonight for real though. The young people want dougie the old people want wobble. Wobble came out in 2006 y’all for real. I was feeling real good today man. I couldn’t concentrate for real cause I kept looking at ebony fine ass damn! She pose too be mine for real, anyway. Happy fathers day too all the fathers and mothers who act like fathers also. I’m tired and I’m out. O hold up got to eat my dinner for got bout that’s thanks bae Muah! I love!


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    June 19, 2011 (02:20)

    After all of this I can’t go too sleep. :-/

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