Elizabeth City State University

April 10, 2010

jack & c-lo
This was a last minute jank today for real. So myself and DJ Randy from Bouncetime Entertainment headed out the N.C. just to do sound. Not Knowing who was DJing tonight had the turntables ready but I didnt even brang my laptop tonight at all. So bye the time we pull up to the gym at the school. I daps my people up DJ Ron for hooking us up with the gig. 103 jamz earwax ent bouncetime ent

Guess who DJing,DJ Jack Of Spades from 103 Jamz. Know you already know me and Jack go way back. When I say way back I’m talking bout Big Bad Bass way back type action. So when he see me its like “man where you find this crazy ass nigga man”. Next thing you know we having a ball in the parking lot like we do. Him and his cousin well his own security lmao. It was a sweat box up in that gym tonight man let me tell ya. And them oooooo my gosh it was a lot of thick janks up in there to yo. Trey Songz and Jada Kiss be there tomorrow night. Yep we be there again for the after party shutting it down. O yeah I got my one lil hour on the turntables tonight to. On Spades shit on his laptop Yeah you damn right I ran through his crates. Not like that but enough to set him up like I do for the night. Tomorrow night I got my cousin back. Knowing he gonna get there late after his radio show trust me.

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