Dem City Boyz Cook & Club

August 8, 2010

Cookout was at popular halls park right behind the lonestar steak house on military. It was a family type of deal ya know. Plus some other family was also out there. I ran my oldie but goodie set killing them. Old folks telling me boy you to young to know bout that boy. Rocking it like im running this out here yall aint. So after the cookout we paradigm the old martini blu. I aint know they changed the name. They even got tables and a sl1 serato interface up in there ready to go. Like i said spade even walked in wit cuz got sumn to eat chilled and everything. I rocked that jank wit dat wack vestax mixer they got up in there. Headphone jack all in the damn way. After i got use to the mixer they knew i got use to it like real quick. That mixer still sucks for real i like battle style mixers they can keep that for channel crap. Well im off alps cafe sunday night reggae lets get get getit.

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