Deep Creek Else Lodge

January 2, 2010

Here again tonight with the new year. Really not a big deal to me anyway. I didnt even take a picture tonight either. No more videos  til they pay like it weigh too.But with these young drunk fools spilling drinks everywhere. And cant hold there liquor its a shame. The hold thing was funny tonight me and the people. It was still a really good turn out. I think that all the mature ones wasnt tying to get ripped. Cause of holiday weekend,check points and had to deal with the police. I can dig that. I think im just getting away from doing parties. And just stick to dj battles. Or find a spot where i can just be myself. Im really sick of rap music is the problem. Cant even play no new reggae. Unless its unfinished buissness. Plus thats old too came old in 2008. Well  until i get my ableton stuff comfortable to  where i be on the turntables. Im just keep doing it like that. Parties like this will only get a computer and a midi  controller messing with me. Well Happy New Year!

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