Clarion Hotel Hampton

November 11, 2012
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It was feeling good all day, I was feeling good. Everything went smooth and as planned. Family and friends just good old fashion fun. Used the projector I got from Crack. And that thing got me on a whole bunch of ideas right now.

Two parties going on at the same time. Biker club was on the other side. And let me tell ya, there was some things over there boy whoa! To bad they let out early cause it was jayfing.

It’s a small world to Benzo and Cole was there. I wasn’t even thinking about the clan that was gonna be. Kinda hard to rock when people going in and out. And I’m thinking church folks was in there.


It was totally ladies night up in there tonight. I hope everyone enjoyed there selfs. I took it a little bit of everywhere tonight. I did me what else is it.

Somebody had a flashback at the skating ring tonight. Kango hat was in building brought me back cause I’m bout to go find me one. Get my LL Cool J on real quick. Cause my hat is like a sharks fin, I’m bad.


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