Clarence Birthday Party

January 22, 2012
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Rain all day cold wet and you know what time it is. In the whole in the wall spot out Norfolk. Masonic building right beside Booker T high school. It’s funny cause they was at the raby Rd party I did just old school. I didn’t know who he was but I did recognize his face.

Can’t forget big dreads, for those who understand what I mean. After I figured out the 411 it was a wrap. I thought I was going into a oldie but goodie session all night. But it was party rocking in the house tonight. Everybody just have a good time :). I controlled them in there tonight. Like for real had they tails up in there singing, and hand clapping all night.

Planned on stopping djing but still gave my number out. I did have a lot of people coming up to me. This one dude came up to me and said he dj’ed too. Oh lord here we go. After I told him my name he left. And never came back again for the rest of the night. Thinking to myself ” why are you here aren’t you suppose too be home practicing?”. Or how bout why I’m here djing for yo people and not you. Get the ham sandwich out my face. With yo drunk and spiting on me.

That’s why I backed away from you, trying to let you know I DO NOT CARE HAUL ASS OR BATTLE RIGHT NOW! ” I need a new laptop” ;).

Yep I’m really rocking this little Ragty controller now. The sound just ain’t right unless it’s my speakers. I do stand behind them so. When I hook the shuttle back up, when ever I find or make a desk. Imma be using them just so I can hear my bass when I make my tracks. And also t make sure everything good in case I need to rock some cheeks.

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