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December 3, 2011
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This Christmas party as the title read. I was in my zone for a diverse crowd. A strong 300 people in one spot and every song they asked for I had. I talking every last song. A mixed old school crowd and a dash of young. I was hoping that they would like me. I’m not a disc jokey that talks on the mic at all. I let the music to the talking for me.
People came up to me that you wouldn’t even expect saying I was doing a good job. For six hours straight I was trying to spread stuff out yo. I only played two country songs tonight just trying to get a feel who I was playing for. They tell me I was a thousand times better then the DJ last year. I did had to watch my self knowing that these people don’t know nothing about a real DJ in this day and time. Like cutting the song off talking going to another banger. So the mix was just simple and plain. If there where any Latinas in there I didn’t know but I had y’all ready also just in case. I hope everybody got there money worth. Thank you too my cousin Don for putting me on and Mr. Tim Fields for giving me the opportunity.

O yeah I was running my scratchlive and ableton the bridge. For real that’s where my oldies club action was setup any way. I didn’t even use the sync option, they funny anyway. Well back in the lab working on the party for next week. She’s so sexy ain’t she, just look at her. Um Um Um :D.

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