Cindy & DJ Reception

May 19, 2013
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With all this rain early in the morning. I was really hoping that it wasn’t gonna rain on this women special day. Somebody upstairs must’ve knew that they put in a lot of work time and money for this day to go as planned.

If you haven’t been in the Virginia Convention Center. They have LED panels on the ceiling like you looking up at the sky. Sitting up there looking waiting on Shammo to swim by :).

For me it’s was a terrible sound bouncing off the back wall. You talking about a brother trying too adjust the cue mix in one ear, and the out going song in another. I know one thing the Spanish music I had damn sure ain’t sound the same when I was going through them at the crib. I did pull it off like I always do. Plus a majority of the staff even told me I held it down. Trying to mix it up for families. Oh yeah it was a Spanish and black reception. I played it safe going by the playlist to a certain extent.

Events like this I just play cool cause I knew I didn’t have enough Spanish music to fit the bill. But I really don’t think they could tell. I could’ve went for, naw let me shut up. I did what I had to do to spread it out.

Well that’s it I’ll catch y’all on Tuesday for the mix.

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