Cascade To The Lodge

July 1, 2012
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You will rarely seem them Chesapeake DJ’s in a club. Ain’t no money in the club where we at. Only a select few can get there dough. This was pretty much a tribute to DJ Heavy R.I.P.

Atleast ten DJ’s out at cascade park out Chesapeake chilling and doing what we do best. Basketball tournament bucking off on the court. Grill blazing and the sound bumping raise the dirt up on its own. This was a good day to start off with right here.

Whole lot of jokes getting thrown for real. I’m talking all day long. I got it in today just a little bit. With me not having turntables anymore I was on them things. I totally miss them things.

So after two hours pass run to the crib just to sit down and soak up some a.c. We at the deep creek else lodge. Tornado watch whole nine yards. Lights cut off and everything. The lighting was totally off the wall tonight. It was lighting so bad, I couldn’t even stay out there to take two puffs. I was surprised that people even showed up the way it was out there. But the spot did flooded. I had a problem trying to load that damn laptop up. Rebooted that thang like three times. Until I moved the drives around on the USB ports. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. Holiday week slash weekend bout to come up. Time to get it in and find somebody to ride with me.

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