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August 6, 2011
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This was a good night all family for real. You wouldn’t believed it when you had walked in though. Only thing was the circuit breaker kept clipping out bye the end of the night. It was too much stuff plugged in the wall for real. I had me a good time. C.M.G. rocked the jank tonight too. I got some live footage of that also. I did broadcast live fosho. That my new thing I guess. Don’t ask me all the birthdays tonight cause I do no20110806-025326.jpgt know. Well only my people’s I be around anyway. Like happy birthday shout out to my cousin Old Man “Treymane”, Nasty ” Willy”, C-NIL “Curt”, Crack, Mike Mike, Ummmm who else. Anyway Crack party tomorrow night at Paradigm I don’t know to spell that. Pool party out Hampton, family reunion out strawberry lane.

Yeah I do act stupid on the turntables I can’t help it. Simple stuff I can’t do that well :). Happy birthday to all the august folks what ever y’all sign is. Check out [url=Black Leather Belt for all your multimedia needs. Register with me to follow the party. Music everyday of the week 24hours a day yo.


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