Blazer & Jean Affair

March 14, 2010

This was the party by Cheesetown Entertainment my brother DJ C-NIL and cant forget Ms.Pudding. What set the nite off mama and daddy came through to show there support for there son’s. Knowing that I was gonna be there regardless. It was so good on us that we didn’t even have to do our own sound tonight. So also big ups to Bouncetime Entertainment with the quaking sound system. Shout out to effects that slid through to help us move all this equipment. But all i have to say it was more women then guys in that piece last night. I’m talking old and young cousins and aunts the whole nine yards. So hot up in there for one they had the heat on.”yeah!” I guess the AC was broke they just opened the doors to let some air in. Cause it was steaming like you could see the fog floating in the building. Nobody had no blazer damn for real no shirts on bye the end of the night. Its was a good 150-200 people up in there just taking a guess. If it wasn’t it looks and sound good right. But I believe it was round that for real though. Yep,in the deep creek else lodge to been doing this lodge right now for the last 6 months and i keep forgetting to take a picture. Would be nice if we had a dedicated camera man.

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