Black & White Party In A Dance Studio

March 20, 2016
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This was a black and white party that should’ve been called “Grandma, Grandda, Aunt, and Uncle Throw Down”.

Now you already know the speakers where like on three LMAO!!!!!!! I hate it when I can hear myself talk in my regular voice at that. At a certain point in time you have to realize that you are to old for some of these events now.


Like any other party when theres no liqur it’s just a dragging feel. Like this party gonna seem like for ever. So two hours later the devils nector arrives and now people get there drink and there two steps on. I’m just saying when I use to drink. I would have me at least a six or a twelve pack for personal.


If you’ve been following me on any of the social networks that I’m apart of. You would see I have a new toy. But the rig tonight was just right our probably over kill for real. We brought subs and the whole nine yards and ended up with just two tops and the trussing with the moving heads and rgb panels.

So hey what can you do huh, see ya next time.

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