Birthday Party Club

April 18, 2010

Like what we do is what we do. Did a birthday party out shoop park from 4-7pm today. Stopped back at the crib to get right for the club tonight. And it was a wrap I was feeling myself all day today too yo. Even seen people i havent seen in a minute also. I rocked tonight i mean like i didnt play bend it ova til like 1:50 am i was in my zone. It just feels good man to have the entire club react to you while your Djing. Through up your hands man i didnt even get to play Dj kahled either i was man thinking to myself for real win win win. Get ready for the summer time cause its bout to be well is on and rocking yo. Fosho let me tell ya. But if shorty man im a leave it alone. Its like that more parties more money ya know.

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