Birthday @ Grand Affairs

April 1, 2012

That’s my little setup for today for the birthday party. I might need more than a hour to setup. Cause this gonna take some time when you by your self.
But the music was the first thing too play when we got there. I think one of those light poles is tore up. Anyway bye the time they left me alone. And let me do my job, I rocked it. I did some mixes tonight

I Neva tried before or just forgot anyway. The last song I played was the Mary j blige and t.i. Don’t forget me. They was like no he didn’t. I think everybody including the staff was weak. Cause they was plucking my nerves. I ran two hours straight and nobody messed with me no more after that. Simple fact they knew I was rocking that jank. Just leave me alone I got you.

The only slide they knew was the Mississippi shuffle, how easy is that :/. The wobble, cha cha, and cupid shuffle. After that they was lost. It wasn’t even no need to play Brand New. Only a few know what that is. Then I end up at Ms Marains and had to turn the party out. On some belt drive turn tables. Lord where to I go from here. O yeah the torq on them things was none. After I played a few songs and got the feel of them I was good. For that one hour I had the whole club on the floor. Digging in somebody else’s crates. And what makes it so bad I didn’t play anything they already played. Hhhhmmmm!!! What is wrong with me taking pictures and my eyes be looking like that. I took like four and all of them look the same with my eyes looking white. It must be the flash reflecting from my tangerine self ;). Ok I’m threw I’m tired peace.

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