Aunt MayMay Platinum Party

August 26, 2012
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Deep in Suffolk dude, I’ll say bout 30 min from the crib. This just my type of party.

Old school and family just can’t go wrong with that. Well a little big of everything but when it comes down to it you already know. I ran that five hour straight in the back yard rocking the entire time. Them clouds was looking mighty strange boy. If you didn’t understand why I kept looking up that was it. I don’t know what it is bout me not having cards on me.

This the second time since last weekend. I’m trying for real dag. Plus I totally for got to even take a picture for the blog also. I think I would’ve still be there if I never got this call. I’m not even gonna say nothing bout that.

Everybody have there own equipment now. Gonna have to start using it cause after tonight. I’m just so over it, I’m tired of sharing. Really left a sour taste in my mouth. What if huh MAN!!!!!

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