Alps Cafe Sunday Nights Free All Night

August 23, 2010

What a gwan is how we do. Blackie set me up again had to dj all night.I can dj reggae all night but what i want to play the crowd is not going to feel it. I like the new stuff the hard top shotta stuffs. But i still like my roots also. But when i start to go into the roots stuff i get lost and cannot think ahead a couple of songs to save my life. But ill have to say thank you god for technology and that history button.

It was a few people up in there tonight even some girl i dont even know was all in my face drunk all up. She was from florida and just moved up here and be bartending at the club. Aww hell here we go! Imma have my ace beside me next week or somebodies girl just to stand beside me. I just dont like being took out my grove for nothing. She was cute though but not like,im not gonna say no names she knows who she is. Nothing but the dj life is the life i live,i loves it to a certain degree. Peace im out see ya’ll next week.


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