40 Birthday Party @ Marian’s

September 9, 2012
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I really was not in the mood for djing last night. Then dealing with this old ass man about my money. He talks a good game, but when it’s time to show and prove. All I just hear is talking and I’m 70 years old. Keep in mind you 70 and you talking to a young boy that knows how to fight on the mat.

I respect my elders but when you start acting like you all big and bad. Walking with a damn walker talking ignorant. Then you ready to take it how you act. I don’t have to deal with that. Talk all that trash like I’m a get on board with you and have to deal with that stress. I am not doing it.

That’s the main reason I don’t deal with clubs unless I get my money when I walk through the doors. Or somebody hires me to dj and i already got paid by them. Being a mobile DJ pays better all the time regardless anyway.


You don’t have to pay me. I’m taking what ever I see or want. That will be equal or more to my pay that I asked for. So call the police, I bet you have my money then. I’m turning over to house music and EDM. To get my live remixing on anyway. I guess I’ll sit here and edit my contract saying. You don’t pay, I takes it then. Lol

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