21 or 22 Birthday Party

July 11, 2010

Real easy this weekend no problem what so ever. Got to test my system in a building this go round. Shaking the dust off the ceiling ya know. But it really wasnt no need cause my tops could have just held that little spot down. I still wanted to see plus Randy from Bouncetime Ent. wanted to hear how it sounded too. Dj Efx road out with us also. Just time to party but you already know who stayed on the set all night. I had too anyway cause man i had a funny feeling. All of us did to thinking it was gonna be straight pop music for a nerdy black girl. But it was like any other thing besides hading to play all the line dance songs. After that ooo my goish baby let me rub you down. So many way i could he-he imma be quiet. So check me out next weekend and see whats popping. I’ll update my calander in a few. Peace!

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