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January 30, 2010

Man it was  i was tore up  lastnight. The first jump off  was for Tanisha son birthday  party at community  center off of great neck out  the beach. Stayed up there for  like  2min.  Then Efx came and got to go to the  deep  creek else lodge. To hold it down til C-Nil got done at the  birthday party. I  was in  there  running   it ,but i really ran it lastnight. I even surprised  myself. Yeah i know i should be no problem look how long  you been doing  it. I know  i know. But that being said,i got ripped out  the frame. I wasnt driving though so dont worry. I  forgot   the laptop bag in that piece  and everything.  The owner got it so im  good,he’s a good  guy. I really dont remember half the stuff  i did man. I even tripped and fell on the stage. And these fools  up here sitting up laughing at me and taking pictures. Cant wait to see some of those. End up on face book. I  dont drink liquor and  i had just a  lil bit.  And was  acting a  fool. Im not doing that again i should have  just stuck with the beer like i do. I dont need nothing else. We rocked though,we always rock what  is your problem.  Im  just the crazy yellow boy  that  knows how to dj no  matter  what  the event may bring to my  face. I works  well under  pressure anyway. Well  i  got a shot of the sign for the birthday party. I didnt take  any at the else. Im  a see if somebody post them jank somewhere. Im  out peace(2)

I was at : 501-531 Virginia 165, Norfolk, VA 23505,

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