13 year Old Birthday

November 20, 2010
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Ok so it was a Lil kiddy birthday party and I rocked. They kept asking for the same songs. What ever playing on the radio. The girls mama was like turn the music down after this song. To tell everybody after this to or y’all can eat the foods ready. Yeah right, when I looked at her she looked at me. She was like what ever keep it going. I gold her from the jump yeah right. That’s not gwan work, they feeling it for real. So just kept it moving like I ain’t miss no beat. I was feeling myself tonight to at the same time. But who can’t get in the grove for only four hours. They need to just quit then. And leave it to the vets. Cause we still up in here running shit ya know. Well don’t for get to check the store out on my site. And also leave comments, register to keep intact with what I have going on. And also stay up to date and don’t get left behind. I’m out one love, love y’all peace(2).

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