Sommers Wedding Reception

August 15, 2010

the sand bar

I havent done any white folk wedding in awhile right. But the bride and groom that was getting married where young so. I know i can do that part of the night regular club stats right there. But my thing was there parents cause a lets face it im black and the old school stuff is different form different cultures of life. I had my frank sanatra kenny rogers the judd and some country line dance songs. Cause yeah i get downs when it comes to playing music. But foe real it was like 80’s stuff and i burnt that ass up yo. I know they was even surprised that well damn where in the hell you find this smooth negro from. And hes cool to look at his style and he knows some people in here already also. Well damn wheres he from,the bride and groom told me when they came in and saw me over there in the corner. They was like o thank you! The bride was like okay C-LO do the damn thing lets get it started. The grooms brother was cool as hell to we was kicking like we knew each other for years. Im saying i get around what would you have done. Money still green at the end of the night. And im gone get mine. And meet some good people round the same age to. That makes for more networking and more money. Plus everybody call me white boy anyway,you get use to it after all these years. They gonna be talking bout this for awhile watch what i tell ya.

All White

Tonight @ Alps Cafe

August 12, 2010

Man it was free all night plus all this week. Its more women then guys yo im saying just take yo pick. I seen peoples in there from high school again tonight. But she was and still a younging but bad as hell yo all the way to the toes ya hear me. It wasnt that hot raining or nothing it was just right. It would have been set off fosho if my bae bae was there for real, love u mama. Even though cause im single,im single lil wayne. But yo it was some things toe up tonight not gonna say no names though hehehehe. You know who you are for real. Well damn this ill cat h yall later im done. Pea e love and good night!