whole bunch

November 12, 2009

man i dont even know how to put caps on this  yet off my  phone dude. well party time  starting  tommorrow.  so ill  be thinking  about if im gonna get my files  back  from  godaddy  or not. i dought it  though.

Roc Radia

September 20, 2009

Anthony Williams, aka Grand Master Roc Raida of the Legendary X-Ecutioners, and personal DJ to Busta Rhymes, passed away earlier this evening (Sept 19, 2009). Specific details about his death have recently been released, and I have posted below. Unfortunately, this was an untimely death which suprised everyone. He is survived by his wife, and 3 daughters. A very humble and caring person, who never let his popularity go to his head. Anthony never let anyone feel any less, even though they were in the presence of a Grand Master. Rest In Peace Young Brother. You will surely be missed.