Sound Cache Radio Sunday

November 21, 2010
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Felt kinda good today, guess its the weather. So trying to figure out this one turntable and the bridge thing. I have going on, still alot to hook up up if I do plan on using it out or not. But compact to say the least. Imma chill until I get my other turntable when ever thats gonna be.

My man using so i just need to fix my other back up. And really give yall this creation on remixing live I be having on my mind. This set is alright but I know I can run both these programs at one time better then that. So enjoy leave comments subscribe, register and I’ll see ya’ll next time. I’m Out.

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1 comment on "Sound Cache Radio Sunday"

  • DJ C-LO

    November 21, 2010 (14:31)

    This is kinda wack. Not the music but how I went about it. I guess it will evolve into something soon I suppose. I gotta keep doing it like this to get use to everything.

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