Sound Cache Radio 24 Hour

February 11, 2011

The new and approved Sound Cache Radio is up and running for 24 hours a day. Regular programs will be going on in rotation during the week. I am very happy with the host I’m using for this at centova cast. Good customer service and real quick replies seems like all through the night.

So now you can download shoutcast app or tunewiki app on you phones and listen at will. You still can go straight to on your phone and tab the winamp player. And listen straight from your default player on your phone. The biggest thing is that you don’t need wifi either.

All this I’ve tried has been on a iphone 4. So if your using another kinda of pda or smart phone let me know, and leave it ont the comments. I’ll get the video side of it all working when I figure how to go live on the tables with it. As of right now like I said we good…we good…we good….!!!!!


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