Sound Cache Cal Is Up

November 29, 2010

I’ll be putting up the live streaming shows I’ll be doing in the events tab on my home page. And sending out newsletters to my registered people on my site. Leave comments on how I can make or change anything to make it better.

If I’m able to do it, I got this far but if you know how and you wanna help shoot me a email. So until then I’ll keep yall posted try to anyway.

The radio station is still in the works. It works when it wanna. She did good today though I can’t front. So in order to listen to the player I just found out. You have to go the the listen here link. Hit that then go back to my page, cause its free hosting I’m using on that part. It works fair i guess the hell wit it. As you know recorded the session in ustream I hope ya’ll enjoy. Just a regular dude!…….. dude!


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