Snow In Effect

January 5, 2018
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Like I always say, bad weather brings out my creative juices. Either making a track or just DJing.

Tonight was just Djing and the feeling of can’t leave and go to the store and get me a nice sip rages. So I worked on my website oh no. When I got up cox was shut down. Still don’t understand why it just snowed. Not like it was heavy winds and stuff.

Spam busters bitch, Dave Chapelle. Cause thats the only thing going on. I may have to turn the forum off cause this is ridiculous. Even though I redirect to a certain page got capcha setting the whole 9. Im just aaahhhhhh!!!!! Gotta few more trick to try. f these don’t work. Im gonna have to shut it down, and reinstall. And i mean back up then reinstall. Not a pretty picture if you know what I mean.

As you can tell I’m making everything in house. This where its gonna be.

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