Reggae Sunday’s Live Sound Cache

December 12, 2010

What more can I say what more can I do. It was a good show for real. I guess cause it’s like gloomy and looks like it wants to rain outside. I hope everyone that tuned in enjoyed there self today. It’s hot up in here man boy let me tell ya.

I was trying to get it in. But when you see your viewers keep leaving then coming back then leaving then coming back. I start to loose focus then I be like the hell with it. And just start doing my own thing. One day it’s gonna be like you just can’t get in any kinda way. You gonna have to reserve a spot to see and listen to me.

When it hits the fan don’t let me tell ya I told you so. So check out tomorrow on FRESH START Monday’s with a recap on music dude! duh what else is it. O yeah I’m feeling a little better now also them last couple days where horrible. See y’all tomorrow!


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