Afternoon Shine Friday’s

December 3, 2010
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I had to say I was feeling good before the radio station wouldn’t connect. The scripting was correct, login, user name was correct. I might had to do some more home work or upgrade. But there’s no reason for all of that with only 2 listeners.

The heat was there the problem of all this software, hardware, midi signals, routing and sound cards are plucking my nerves already. Its right it’s just maaannnn…..AAAAWAWWW!!!! exhale….I need to straighten up everything to make everything acssible to work with. And I need my turntables set up right also.

Well there goes my battle records out into the shed also then. Gotta keep at least one crate of wax in here dag. So when that happens hope to have a video shot setup for the ustream cam and everything. It’s a work in progress so,I’ll take time anyway.

I didn’t save the show today at all on anything. Really disapointed about how everything went down. So keep tuning in and I’ll get it together one day.

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