Wondering The Bridge

January 22, 2010
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I’m still thinking about the ableton serato bridge.I’ve been checking all the post,and sites. Thousands of dj’s writing about this new partnership. The turn of the century of djing plus its free huh. Not really just have to get them programs. But what I want to know is that nobody never asked the main biggest question of the all.

Do we still use two interfaces ,or one. Me using the ttm57 by rane would be lovely just to come out  the main.  For simple play stop loop effect just on ableton. And simple use of the turntables in scratchlive. Just to keep everything mobile but with the exception of the akai apc40. Now how is that  gonna work with them running together and you have the same midi message reacting with both programs running at  one time.

Will there be  presets in  both application to set either  one or more  midi controllers to a  certain app. Well when it  comes out im still getting it regardless. I need to  get use to the new warpping engine in live 8. Like I’am  with live 6-7. Change gone come  with alot with this new year and technology and war.

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