Twitch DJ Tonight

January 25, 2018

Man! We rocked tonight yo. When I say we had a ball, we where in the virtual club. If you weren’t dancing at home I was. I was feeling good. Back and forward transitions of different genre like I do. Then to some party line dance action for real!? Yeah it was like that. When I say I was burning up hopping and dancing around like a damn fool. You just have to see for your self.

Gained some new followers gotta little crowd now. I just act myself when I DJ. I mean the way I DJ out in public they real don’t even think I DJ like that for real, but I do. Especially when I get into it. Its a wrap!…..

Thanks to my man NoClicksOnMe

3 comments on "Twitch DJ Tonight"

  • Mindovermatter

    January 27, 2018 (23:19)

    i seen a little bit. you killed it.

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