Season 2 Masters Of The Mix

October 4, 2014
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This 5 week battle seems like it lasted for one year straight.

Between keeping up with the DMConline , going to work, and this. Had me bout to fall out. I thought I was just suppose to be judging this year but it had seemed that everyone was crapping out. If you notice my picture is not on the main flyer like last years.

Finals came around next thing I knew I see some one took one of my old pics off my website and made the finals flyer around my pic. “That was cute!….”.

There would be so many things to say but I forgot one song to put in my mix and I didn’t even qualify in the top 3. LOL!!!!! but trust I had a ball and just got lost for real for real. I was so busy trying to think about what went with what. “Anyway.”

Who do you know that doesn’t even own a set of turntables, and make it to the finals in a DJ battle. Well y’all do know me uh. Name somebody else surely that is worthy. I already know those guys tell them I said “Whats up I’ll be round there when I get off Like I always do.”

Can’t wait until next year.

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