Roland TB-03 Yae & Nae

October 8, 2016
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I never buy a product on first release. I usually wait a year and see if they work out any prior bugs and issues that may occur if you even have to send it back at times. Well I gave it a chance living the life of a free spirit and went for the gusto. Notice that I have no mini usb cables cause all my phones I had are iphones so. This is how you learn something new everyday comes in. So I go buy one not knowing there made differently. One for charging and one for data streaming yadeyada type a, type b, and type dee’s.

Lucky I still had my UNO usb to midi cable by m audio. So how now can hook it up to the computer. Since I have no usb action means no audio either. So you talk about a brother digging trying to find a 3.5 to rca in here. After that room tear down we power on and unfold the manual and get the programming. Next manual sucks youtube lets get the know how. And seven presets later we got some original bass lines.


This little thing is dope, and sound good also. Just what I wanted besides not being able to run it in the DAW. What that being said I’m totally not sure if I plan on keeping it. When you talk to me I’m all about Ableton hands down. If it don’t work with it I don’t want it. My thing is make a track live on the fly over lapping to what ever playing on the decks. Not sure if I can accomplish that with this machine yet.

Sending midi messages to it can be done also, just need to keep a pattern blank. So when you press play on the DAW, nothing sounds off. That’s how I  do it on the korg  volcakeys also. Using touchable now since live control 2 doesn’t work with ableton now. There’s like a if the note hits to hard. It stop transmitting the data over wifi. I really don’t like touchable. I’m so use to lemur so it’s hard to leave it.

There no way to changes the patterns from ableton. This is still a work in progress just trying different combinations with midi clips to send program changes. “That ain’t gonna happen captain”. Even though this does mean I can delete the bass track out of my ableton template and free up some cpu. The drivers do not work either on windows or OSX.

Let me get out of here.

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