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March 8, 2015
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This year is already looking good, like I said “Some new toys”. So I had to go get the Push. I have too admit though i was using a cracked version of Ableton for a few. Probably around for the last six months. But I couldn’t get the max for live plugins that I needed to make my own devices.

Oh! Yeah …. I did get the suite 9 and push bundle from guitar center :/. Had to wait for it though. I just hate ordering something that’s not online that should already be in store. Ordered it Saturday was here Wednesday. Those couple of days where tough boy let me tell ya. Couldn’t sleep worth nothing.

Ableton SetupI uninstalled the crack version and everything and did a fresh install Ableton and Max. Did the regular what had to be done to get it rolling. Brought up my main project just to see if I could just use Push without the Ipad running lemur. I might put some pics up on my interfaces with that one day. Still trying to get the hang of it. Well not the hang of it, just being satisfied with one layout.

Back to Push and of course time needs to be played on that thing. For the start damn right I started remapping buttons I knew I didn’t need when in the heat of a performance. Puzzled how I can map that touch strip to some effects. Buttons feel real good those encoders are funky fresh. Not for no fast movement, I’m not sure if you can adjust those. Or even turn off the touch sensitivity on them. I’m cool with it I like it to be honest.

When I was going through messing around I saw myself going straight to the IPad. Like I said touch osc don’t have nothing on this lemur app. Speaking on apps I went on a safari for some Push plugins like my mind gone bad. Experimenting and check this out making my own patches with max tool. Getting my nerdy nerd nerdz on right now.

Push DarkSo much I have been doing so my actions speak louder then words so these new works calls on a video coming soon. Shout to Trey77 on my youtube page. It’s coming bro just need to upgrades a few things. And hey keep checking in. I have some more on the way. BUT BUT BUT! I need to get a better camera or go setup some where after I compile a routine together. Well that’s it back to creating Peace(2).

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